The “Digital Ticket” Takes Center Stage

Let the experience live on!

Digital Ticket - a revolutionary product combining a Ticket and a playable CDROM, DVD or Blu Ray Disc. A valuable keepsake that takes the place of a paper invitation, throwaway ticket stub or VIP pass, the Digital Ticket engages the ticket holder long after the event has ended.

Virtually counterfeit-proof, Digital Tickets are ideal for any event with controlled access, including trade shows, live concerts, corporate conferences, private parties, sporting and theatrical productions.

Digital Tickets entice the holder with full color digital video, multimedia and music. With interactivity added to the Digital Ticket it can be an ideal cross-promotional driver to upcoming tour dates and merchandising offerings. Third party marketing partners can participate like never before. Their message goes well beyond just a visual logo and can include full blown messaging in sight sound color and motion. Something that a traditional paper ticket can only dream of doing.

The retail perceived value of the Digital Ticket is extremely high and with exclusive content becomes an instant “collectible”.

Digital Tickets let the experience Live On!!

The Fan wins!
The Artist wins!
The Venue wins!
The Promoter wins!
The Sponsor’s win!

Digital Tickets can turn the business of Ticketing into a profit center!

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Please visit our samples gallery to view Digital Tickets produced by Shape Media, LLC.